Alfred Dam


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Works were acquired by Credit Suisse Bank, Ernst & Young Corporation Switzerland, Price Waterhouse Corporation Australia and numerous private art collectors in Europe, the USA and Australia


Up to the age of twelve childhood on a farm in Styria with the grandparents
Primary schools in Austria
1972 relocation to Bern, Switzerland
1976 completion of primary and secondary school
1980 completion of training as an electrician.

Career / education

Predominantly autodidactic
1982 to 1989 free courses at the New Art School Zurich and the School of Design in Bern
Printmaking and gravure atelier with H.J. Brunner, Münchringen
Life drawing with J.Straumann, Bern
Watercolor painting with P. Riniker, Bern
1985 Accademia di Belle Arte in Perugia, IT
up to 1995, Studio and Gallery assistant: with Galerie Schindler, with Galerie Kunstkeller,
Studio assistant: with Teruko Yokoi, with Dev, with Jürg Straumann, with Hansjürg Brunner,
with Friedel Sonderegger 

2004 up to 2014
Studies as an Auscultant at the University of Bern
Historical comparative linguistics – religious studies
Indo-European languages – Sanskrit – Avestan – Ancient Persian – Ancient Greek

Areas of activity / areas of interest

Painting – Photography – Art – Linguistics – Languages – Religion – Philosophy