Corinne Leila Gnägi-Dick


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“There is no such thing as a good painting about nothing.”
Mark Rothko 

I was born in Biel / Bienne BE, Switzerland, in 1961, where I grew up. 
Since 1999, I live in Nidau BE near the river and the lake.
For years I’ve spent my free time with painting on an autodidactic basis. Already in my early childhood I sketched, drew and painted with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. Watercolor paintings followed and were replaced in a later phase by acrylic painting and mixed media. However, my great passion in the last 20 years has been devoted to the techniques such as “Chine collé”, gilding, mixed media and oil. 
My world of images can be interpreted in different ways. Colors and materials combine and reflect personal moods. I consider my works as nature-based abstractions, harmony and material improvisation as sources of inspiration. My paintings are multi-layered surfaces. 
I occasionally get inspiration from art-academies as well as from the School of Design in Bern and Biel, where I get in touch with well-known artists and their various forms of expression and techniques. 
I have exhibited my works mainly in Switzerland.

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