ART4FUTURE paves the way for the future of art: We offer an online platform to artists, young talents and newcomers and aim to make them visible, connect them with art lovers, art patrons, art collectors and the public. We focus on the promotion of artists at home and abroad.

With ART4FUTURE collectors and art lovers can discover and support well-known as well as new artistic positions, newcomers, and young talents. Part of the proceeds from the sale of artworks goes to support young artists and charitable projects in Switzerland and abroad. With the administration of art estates, we also dedicate ourselves to the significant task of enabling the next generation of art lovers to engage with existing works of art.

What began with a passionate love for art, gathered momentum through a philanthropic conviction and was shaped by a sense of charity and benefit to the public, finally transformed into a comprehensive project within the ART4FUTURE Association. The association was launched in 2020, in a year in which the importance to support and promote artists and young talents became a central priority.


Linda Zurkinden-Erismann
Founder & President

James Erismann
Founder & Board Member

Alex-Julien Zurkinden
Board Member & Team Member