Kelly Fischer


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Artist Statement:

I pursue shapes and colors. My semi-abstract, expressionist portraits tell a story of whimsical spontaneity. Based on an underpainting my art begins to emerge as color and texture are added layer by layer. The landscapes pull the viewer into a world of color, light, and emotion. My body of work has developed and evolved over time, with much of the outcome being driven by creative impulses. 


About Kelly:

Originally from Tennessee, Kelly Fischer has lived in Switzerland for the past thirty years. She maintains strong connections in both countries, spending equal time at her studios in Bern & Memphis. Her paintings have been featured at numerous galleries and exhibitions, including Art Basel Miami, the Austrian Biennale, and the Venice Biennale. Aside from art, Kelly has published eleven children’s books and is the former founder and head of the English Montessori School of Bern.