Project Girl’s Pride

Mainly young, uneducated girls and women especially in remote Himalayan regions, along with we also provide some educational kits for children in villages as well as some nutritional aid, warm clothing for senior citizens and retreatants who have decided to dedicate their lives on Practise.
Duration: 7 to 10 days
Impact of the project:
  • Reducing women’s health problems in remote areas
  • Using washable sanitary pads instead of disposable pads. Thus preventing environmental degradation.
  • Humanitarian service to our senior citizens
Geographical Field of Activity: Remote areas in Himalayan region
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Himalayan Children’s Care Trust (HCCT)

About the organization & activities
Himalayan Children’s Care Trust (HCCT)is an NGO working specially on educating young minds, community service helping senior citizens in need, creating awareness in remote areas on women’s health and environmental issues. Preserving unique Tibetan language and culture by providing special TIbetan classes to the young generation after school hours.