Project Sponsor a Child
Every sponsorship helps to make a difference to the future of Tibet and its children. The Tibetan children’s Village accepts mainly children who are in greatest need among the Tibetan refugees and children from some of the remotest Himalayan region, they may be orphaned or have families/relatives that are unable to keep the child due to difficult circumstances. 
Sponsorship contribution: Sponsor a child at USD 60 or equivalent per month or co-sponsor a child for any lesser amount of contribution.
Duration: You can end your sponsorship at any time without giving any reasons. Sponsorship also ends if your sponsored child leaves TCV permanently, completes education or starts to work.
Impact of the project: The sponsorship contribution basically covers everything including education, food, shelter (utility), clothes, toiletry needs, medical care, administrative etc. We try to make the sponsorship program not only financially viable for the organization but also meaningful for the sponsored child. 
  • Every cent of your money goes towards the child and gives meaning to it. 
  • You get a lifetime satisfaction of having a new family member or someone to love in a faraway country. 
  • Your money goes to save a people and its culture from total destruction. 
  • It will promote love and universal responsibility. 
Geographical Field of Activity: Tibet and Himalayan region.
You can help us in any of the following:
  • Sponsor a child in our village with USD 60 or equivalent monthly
  • Higher studies and training: support a student with USD 1,000 annually
  • Sponsor a child or an elder under our outreach sponsorship program with USD 30 or equivalent monthly
  • Send donations towards: General Fund (to be used where the need is greatest) or specific projects
For further information follow this link.
Tibetan Children’s Village
About the organization & activites

From its humble beginning 60 years ago with only 51 Tibetan refugee children, Tibetan Children’s Village has today become a thriving, integrated educational community for Tibetan refugee children in exile, as well as destitute children from the Himalayan region. Though much has been achieved, we still have a long way to go in fulfilling our aims and objectives of providing the children under our care with the necessary resources and the opportunities to develop their abilities to the fullest and become self-reliant and contributing members of the community and the world at large.