Alfred Dam

Serendib Taprobhane sri lanka 2009 Lamka, Lankadweepa, Lakdiva and Lakbima in Vedic times (about 1500-400 BC) – Sihala, Tamraparni – from the Greeks “Taprobhane” (copper-colored) Tamba Vanna in Sanskrit, and from the Persians “Serendib” from Sihalam – Called Silandiva (place of jewels) in Pali; becomes – (Portuguese) to Ceilao, Cilao – (Dutch) Zeilan – (English) Ceilon – and in 1972 as a republic again to Sri Lanka (radiant – venerable country) as it is known from the Ramayana (Indian epic – art poem). This is the title of my series of pictures, 184 paintings in egg tempera with pigments during my six month stay in Sri Lanka originated in 2009. The tropical flora – exploring the historical development of Sinhala – the languages of the Sinhalese and the diverse naming of this island in the Indian Ocean became the inspiration for my imaginative new pictures.